History of C.A. Ireland

In December 2006 after attending a convention in the U.K, it was suggested to us that we should start the fellowship of Cocaine Anonymous in Ireland. After our return back home we started to enquire on how we could make this possible. In a short space of time twelve of us got together and this became the first twelve members of Cocaine Anonymous in Ireland. We then began to meet at a member’s house every Wednesday night; there we took up a service position each. We discussed ideas between the group for the format of our future meeting and decided on a suitable location.

After a short time we found a premises in the Carmalite Community Centre in Dublin, where on the 7th of March 2007 we held the first meeting of Cocaine Anonymous in Ireland. We each got great hope that night because fifty-five addicts attended the meeting. We then set out to open a second meeting, on a Thursday night, which we decided through our group conscience, should be a step meeting.

This was to happen a month later and so we began to grow. Members started to open other meetings around the city centre and the suburbs, so the time had come to start an area committee meeting. With the fellowship starting to expand, it wasn’t long before we had a meeting every night of the week in various locations around the Dublin area. Next thing we had to do was to form an H&I committee and from this we opened four meetings in a number of different detox centers around Dublin.

We now have many meetings in Dublin detox centers through our H&I committee. We have Public Information and a 24-hour helpline number in operation. We of Cocaine Anonymous Ireland wish to help the worldwide fellowship to enable us to carry the message affectively to fellow drug addicts that have not reached the rooms of Cocaine Anonymous yet.